Adrian College - Thank You

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Chuck Chase - '68

What a nice gesture! Thanks and best wishes to all students at my Alma Mater!!



nancy anderson


Fred Nofziger

Thank you, and a great Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at AC. the most progessing educational institution in the USA.

Rachel Schaffner

Great thank you from some amazing Bulldogs!

Patrick Farver

Adrian College is such an awesome place. Thank you to all who are making a difference.

Margaret Dennis Rink

Much appreciated. May your future continue to burn bright.

Ike & Donna Sheppard

What a great idea! So nice to see some of the AC students. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Adrian College

All of you are warming our hearts up on this cold day! THANK YOU for being such great supporters to our school; Adrian College, undoubtedly, wouldn't be where it is today without the kind hearts and passion from people like you.

Peggy Duff-Harris

What an awesome college!! Thank You!!

Ryan Schmidli Class of 2007

Thanks for the Holiday wishes and right back at you!
Proud to be a Bulldog for life.

Gordon Smith

It's so great to see how well the school is doing! Thank you!

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