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Hello, good day and thank you for stopping by, welcome to my world beyond your world! My name is Adrian Farr and I am a conceptual fashion photographer based in Norwich, working in London and available for worldwide commissions.

I consider myself as a visual storyteller, where I intentionally use outlandish fashion as the foundation for constructing vivid conceptual ideas, which are an unbalanced theatrical fusion between the lucid state of mind, and a fictitious paradox of the subconscious; entwined with a less than subtle hint of extraordinary curiosity.

I create fantastical worlds we will never live in and tell the enchanting stories of mysterious characters we shall never meet. And I do so because I love creating a mythologised adaptation of our own reality, where we can escape our everyday lives and traverse across into a fantasy dream realm, to a place where the impossible is inconceivable. I aspire to create a visual assault on the senses, which is magically intrinsic in every way and inspired by the things we see every day.

In basic English, my work is all about exploring the boundaries between our waking and dreaming lives, and redefining the borders of this world with an array of surrealism and drama, combining couture and avant garde fashion with an exaggerated sense of storytelling. Essentially it is an artistic interpretation of the world as I imagine it, where absolutely anything is possible.

My art is best suited for those clients who have grand ideas and who desire to have dramatic, edgy, extravagant and vibrant imagery that is different, and which stands out with maximum impact. I am a creative problem solver and an audacious, artistic explorer. I can help bring your conceptual ideas to life, so that your brand identity can stand out from the crowd like it has never done before, and so that you can have an unprecedented visual advantage over your competition.

My love for fantasy and my enticing storytelling approach, will help translate the message that you wish to convey to your ideal target market, so that your brand is the first one they think of when they are in need of the unique products and services that you offer.

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