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Once upon a time, in the South of France... The story of a 11 years old boy, born in a club his parents hold, that begins to play with turntables. And he never left them !
Adrien moved to Paris in 2006 to study in a School of Radio, his other passion. 2 years later, Adrien left everything to join FUN RADIO Network (#1 dance radio in France, RTL Group) in Nantes to get his chance to become a professional DJ on air and in clubs, playing as well with a mic than with turntables.
Adrien Toma then became DJ in one of the biggest clubs in France (LC Club @ Nantes) and, in late summer 2010, moved to Paris to join the nationwide team of FUN RADIO France.
DJ + Radio Host... But drummer too, since he's 4 years old ! Some music theory classes taken in his childhood now help him build his productions as well as his Drums & Mix shows in night clubs.
His two singles "U Make Me Feel High" and "Crazy For U" are played in all French radios, TV and clubs.

Listen to Adrien Toma live on FUN RADIO every friday night at 9:00 pm (CET) and saturday night on

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