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Advocare is a life-changing company in many ways. We help people look better, feel better, have extra energy, and lose weight. We also help people who choose to a part of Advocare, earn extra income with a part time business that can very well lead to full time income. I was a high school football coach working 80 hours per week, while Diane was working 60 hours per week for a mortgage company, and day care was raising our kids. Although I loved coaching, I had to ask myself if I was really worth more than $35,000 per year of income. That answer was easy. Advocare became the vehicle that we chose to get out of debt obtain financial freedom. We eliminated our $35,000 of debt in one year, earned a six-figure income, and began to build a life on "our terms". Advocare has given us the freedom to take our 3 boys to school, pick them up from school, and attend all of their school and athletic events. We don't have to answer to other people's demands for our lives, over our family's priorities.
We have been able to take vacations from Australia/New Zealand to Hawaii, to Alaska, to the mountains,to the Caribbean, and to the Bahamas. Today, we help people get started with their dreams, just like someone helped us in 1997. We introduce people to a powerful earning potential, with a business that pays 5 different ways. Where else in America can you earn income 5 different ways with one concentrated effort. This is what makes Advocare such an amazing part time business for anyone who has a need to become debt free, or has a desire to earn what their true value is in the market place today. As you investigate further, ask yourself what your real worth is. Are you being compensated for your value? If not, this may be what you've always been hoping for!

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