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Columbus, Ohio

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Aerial Image Solutions is an Ohio based company that provides low altitude, high resolution aerial imagery services. We utilize a customized unmanned aircraft as our camera platform. This, in conjunction with specialized sensors, cameras and vibration dampening equipment provides an incredibly stable aerial platform and stunningly clear high resolution images.

Our unmanned aircraft can be deployed quickly and requires a single operator with minimal equipment. A ground based “directors” monitor allows the operator to view real time imaging of the subject. Typically, our aerial images are captured from altitudes of anywhere from 100 to 400 feet AGL (Above Ground Level). This lets us obtain images from angles and perspectives which full-sized aircraft cannot. Because of its small size, the unmanned aircraft can safely take-off and land in tight areas. It is also quiet and unobtrusive. Photographs and video can typically be provided to the customer within the same day of the shoot.

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