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★ An autonomous structure

The department of art in public space is “autonomous” in the sense that it sets its own structure. An evolving and dynamic structure the organisational form of which will be modified by the artistic and pedagogical proposals of the various participants (students, assistants, guest lecturers, professors, artists). The department of art in public space sets itself the target of achieving its mission by the production and the creation of works of art and by integrating in this its educational objectives which are geared towards the artistic and theoretical training of the students.

★ Exchanges and Special Relationships

The department will develop exchanges and special relationships with other departments having the same objectives; dynamic associations with other schools, in particular for the development of works to be carried out with respect to the arts and new means of communication, and commit itself to taking into account European programmes and initiatives concerning educational and artistic training and to reinforcing existing links.

★ What is being done

Presently we are trying to combine within the same department the presence of both the brush and the mouse, reproduction and original, canvas and the computer screen, the digital video camera and cinematographic film, the computer generated image and photography, 3-D objects and the creation of virtual spaces, e-mails and writing paper, the pencil and the digital stylus, the Internet web and telephone, the computer keyboard and handwriting, the video projector and the movie screen, speech and electro-acoustical sound, virtual and real space, real presence and teleportation.
The resulting “collages” and the coexistence within the same space of various approaches reduce the differences to a common platform, without any single approach taking precedence over the others.

Spécialisations :We will however operate at four distinct but interrelating levels:

✪ 1st year
• painting / architecture / urbanism
• surfaces / spaces / objects / 3D objects / real / virtual

✪ 2nd year
• animated images / narration / texts / printed images
• projecting / broadcasting / publishing / scenography

✪ 3rd year
• electro-acoustic sound / sound in space

✪ 4th and 5th year
• communication / information transfer / webbing / netting / networks / sites
• off-premises workshop

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