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A Film Company was born out of a love for the powerful medium of moving picture. How images and be edited together to create something potentially life changing always intrigued me.

After qualifying with a Degree Cum Laude in Video Technology from the Durban University of Technology's (DUT) television school, so A Film Company (and 2 kids) was born.

My aim is to make perfectly crafted films, intricate in detail, brimming with emotion, and ever-evolving. I don't want to be mediocre, I want to constantly improve whilst challenging myself to better each video. I love the cinematic wedding film style, wedding videos have progressed over the years from plain videography to creative, innovative, eye catching and full HD cinematography. My aim is to make every and every film an eye opener, story telling wise as well as visually- a cinematic film should engross you as a viewer, it should pull you in and capture your attention until the very last second of moving picture and the very last second of audio. It should simply be beautiful. We are A Film Company.

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  • A Film Company - We are a small film company in durban, South Africa. We adore what we do. We are qualified filmmakers who aim to make perfectly created films, intricate in detail, brimming with emotion and ever-evolving.
  • A Film Company - Facebook page - Like us on Facebook to see what we're doing!


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