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I attended VOISE Academy High School. I didn’t have any textbooks in high school I learned everything completely digital, meaning I have a computer that was my textbook. I went to Milton Brunson Elementary School and have grown up in the Austin Community. I will be studying Film & Video without a concentration, want to learn all the aspects of Film & Video. I will be the first in my family to attend college. I was raised by my mother and grandmother. Growing up I knew that I wanted to attend college, and with the support of my family I will achieve my dream. My family has always told me to do my best and I will succeed in what I put my mind to. After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Film & Video I plan to move to Hollywood and work on a movie set. I like working with advanced technology that helps with creating visual masterpieces. I believe in the power of education and I'm looking forward to future opportunities that will expand my knowledge, and can’t wait to make new friends.


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