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I’m a New York based, independent producer/director of television and commercials. I specialize in fly-on-the-wall films; as seen in “Getting In... Kindergarten,” an hour that aired on TLC, about Manhattan parents struggling through the subculture of the NYC kindergarten admissions process. The film, which shadowed three families, for over a year, showcased my ability to gain access into the lives and hearts of my subjects. In all my work - whether it’s Mick Jagger talking about the Rolling Stones, an anxious parent taking her child for an IQ test, or a heart attack survivor recounting a near-death experience, I try and capture the triumphs and tragedies of my subjects with intimacy and realism.

I began my career making independent avant-garde shorts with New York artists like Keith Haring. After a long and fruitful spell at MTV’s Music Video and Artist Profile unit, I went on to document and promote artists in dance, music, and the visual arts for Channel 13’s award-winning, City Arts. My long involvement with the music scene led me to produce Listen Smart, an educational film about hearing loss within the music industry. Featuring emotional interviews with music icons like Ozzy Osbourne, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Wyclef Jean and Moby - the film is on permanent exhibition at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the summer of 2008, I felt the itch to be proactive both creatively and environmentally, and hit the city streets with my bike, a flip camera and a question “How would you make New York a Greener Apple"? Thirty, short films later, I’ve created this grassroots campaign where New Yorkers themselves tell how they would make their city of New York a “greener” place to live. Please take a bite out of A Greener Apple and visit my youtube site:

My work in this arena, recently earned me a “finalist” credit in The Green Awards for Green School Films - Please watch my latest video on this subject matter - GREEN GRADES - NYC Schools Recycle!

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