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The GDN Global Research Project, Supporting Policy Research to Inform Agricultural Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, aims to help shape North-South and South-South debates on agricultural policies. Designed as a policy research project, it seeks to enrich the body of knowledge related to agricultural issues. In doing so, it draws from the existing knowledge base, especially cross-country research findings, in a scientifically rigorous manner yet one which is both timely and easily accessible to policymakers and the informed public.

The project attains significance as it explores innovative ways of bridging the research and policy gap. The outreach strategy and implementation plan embraces new media technology and intends to leverage its prowess on a global scale. On the one hand, the project would provide the supply push to the policymaking process. On the other hand, its intent would be to generate a strong demand pull for the findings amongst the policymakers.

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