Aiden Pyne

Frankston, Vic, AUSTRALIA!!!

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My Email is, for those who want contact with me or want to add me on MSN so that they have more friends online than their friends do, so they seem popular.
i live in Australia.

I like/love:
Aiden (the band, not me), Acting, Anime, Australia, Bystanders, Cartoons, Comics, Creating, Dial tones, Evaporation, Evil, Friends, Girls, Guitars, Harry Potter, High Fives, Internet, Jokes, Kimonos, Life, Movies, Morons, Music, Musicals, Niceness, Otters, Pokemon (the games), Punk, Quality, Quantity, Reality, Robots, Screaming, Space, Television, Time, Uranus (interesting name for a planet), Videos, Vimeo, Words, Xenu (not because i believe, because it's an outrageous concept.) You and the letter Z. it really is a nice letter.

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