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"My films are like roller-coasters: you go up and down without any control, but in the end you hope that it will be a safe trip…"

Born in a small town close to Venice (Italy), Alessandro James Marcolin has always been a driven person and in love with challenges. He achieved a Diploma in Tourism and Communication with the highest score at the High School in Vicenza (2006). As he has always been in love with traveling, languages and different cultures, he then decided to enroll at the University of Padua in Cultural Mediation and Linguistic Communication, where he studied English and Spanish literature. He successfully achieved a Bachelor Degree (July 2010), writing a thesis about Great Expectations: the cinematic connection between Charles Dickens's Novel and the film adaptations on the Big Screen.

After developing his Photography skills capturing mayor events and fashion, he decided to follow his biggest passion in life, Cinema. in September 2010 he moved to New York to create his cinematic vision, enrolling at New York Film Academy: he graduated in September 2011 with a diploma in filmmaking. During this part of his education in New York, he experienced all aspects and sides of filmmaking and he realized he wants writing, directing and producing to be his main focus. He also attended Scene for Acting class at The New School, during the first semester of 2011, which he found helped develop his skills in directing because he could connect more with the actors and be on the "in front of the camera" side.

He believes that an organized and clear communication is the base of a good film production, especially the communication between Cast and Crew. Quite often they are treated as two separate worlds, but he feels it should be one whole big system when everybody is on set. This is also why he believes that a good director should have experience in acting. Timing, feelings and communicative emotions are completely different from who stays behind or in front of the camera. His cinematic vision and mission is to show real feelings, real people and real situations, things he feels that films now don’t really take care of. Ordinary life in an extraordinary vision. Life can be really ordinary and it's up to us to make it extraordinary.

Nothing is impossible, life is just a good tasting challenge…

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