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South West France. East Sussex.

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Time with Coracle and Simon Cutts first at the Allotment in Liverpool 1987 (Richard Long to Test Dept) before Victoria Miro 1988 (Bill Culbert, Ian Hamilton Finlay). The hand-made; repercieving ideas of landscape and plenty of passion for detail and tangent.

1988, a first successful club in Liverpool with my flatmate Skitch (Voodoo). We mixed the most abstract Acid Trax (Jack Frost, Hula) with Alain Vega, The Fall and S Express : ) An evening included moments where we did everything to clear the dancefloor. Maximum movement. These days included a short time aside Kif and Tony at Earthbeat on Bold street.

I started Club Culture in the Holmes building with Keith Curtis (A Witness - C86). We worked between Liverpool, Chester and Manchester during the Stone Roses, Madchester years, putting on early concerts by Northside, Paris Angels, Flowered up, World of Twist, The Real People and Spiritualised as part of Temptation 2. Three thousand music savvy dancers a week : the move to Manchester's Ritz was ushered by Zane and Rodger Eagle. During a quiet summer (Keith touring The States with John Robb) we gave Robin Blackledge space for performance art - still Jack Frost.

Karl Sabino had a purist indie night and brought The Boo Radleys to the office (super memories upto Giant Steps. Dr Phibes had chart success and found a unique spot between Massive Attack and The Soundgarden. At their height, still one of the greatest live acts. With Steve Jordan I developed The Love Guitars. Coming from a Liverpool office to Manchester we brought to the dancefloor The Las and the Liverpool encyclopedia of obscure 60's asides. Plenty of record covers and posters. (We had VIP cards backed onto sandpaper so that they would scour magnetic bands of adjacent credit cards. I remember gluing graphical dots of caps to very small flyers...)

1994, two years married to Marie-Laure and starting a family, I renovated a maisonette that was riddled with dry rot and bounced the finished project to the house in France 1996/97. Open the horizon to orchids and seasons. A sprawling medievally rooted building with holes from the roof down through two ceilings; electricity trickeling through cardboard tubes and a heating powered by general decomposition. I had a short-lived graphics business (book design, graphics, upto 2000); picture books for my children in 2001-2 (they failled to attract a publisher - art is to assume your own obscurity rather than glory). My photos had a profile via a downstairs gallery circa 2004. The Pope Jarry Relay project has been ongoing since 2007.

My interest in music and image is also satiated through cinema. I am an avid collector from around the various New Waves... Czech, French, American, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian. I also collect obscure 1970's French comedies.

This Vimeo page is a reflection of my background. Music and painting. The music is created independently. I export HD slideshows from Lightroom so do not judge them as integrated videos. Those who want to hear my music can run on couch mode and look the other way. Turn the music down if you just want to see the paintings. Each song acts as a chapter and lets me put out asides from my workshop. I like that.

I use the tip jar. I really don't expect tips from you. Artists are always the first to suport artists and they are often the poorest. On the other hand I'm thankful for the tips from you : )



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