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I am a 34 year old graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have worked as a contract non-linear video editor for ten years. I have a specialty in Apple's Final Cut Pro, but i am going more Adobe-centric lately. I love After Effects, and i find myself working in that program more often than any other.

I enjoy pulling apart video codecs and databending computer files, and making things with the results. I am also trying to get back into photography, with a heavy emphasis on toy and unorthodox cameras.

I have a love of the sciences; Biology, Paleontology, Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, and to a lesser extent, physics and maths. I am a member of a few High-IQ societies, and i aspire for more.

I do a bit with audio, but i am not so active with that. mainly, my music is all screechy noises and low hums. I also play the Ukelele, but that's neither here nor there...

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