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Kingston, Canada

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Josh has been collecting, building and playing with puppets since he was a kid and started making short Terry Gilliam style stop-motion work by freeze framing VHS tapes until they snapped. He has since figured out how to animate using other tools and a lot of other stuff too. Josh has produced music videos for Entire Cities (The Woods, 2008), The Gertrudes (Turn Out the Lights, 2009, and animation for Blackbird and the Cedar, 2008, A New Sound, 2013), Colin Munroe (Who Killed Davey Moore RE-VOX, 2009), and Rock Plaza Central (Don't You Believe The Words of Handsome Men, 2011, Official Selection TiFF, KCFF), Dala (Lennon & McCartney, 2012).

Clients include: Queen's University, Fido, Between the Lines Books, Marked Music, Paper Bag Records, NiCHE

bands i play with:
solo stuffs -
entire cities -
rueben degroot -
the gertrudes -

more of my puppet/design stuff and works in progress on flickr:

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