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(Please e-mail efa.akutekha@gmail.com for inquiries and job opportunities)

Hello! My name is Efa Akutekha and I am a recent graduate of Seton Hall University, where I majored in Broadcasting & Visual Media with a concentration in Television Production. I have loved Television ever since I was a child (but then again, don't we all?) and am excited to get into the field.

I have experience with almost every aspect of taking a project from start to finish; from writing the script and casting actors, to setting up lights and signing release forms, all the way over to editing the final piece with effects and music. I believe that I shine in pre-production and post-production, but would love the opportunity to work on my skills in every respect. I hope to find my way into writing for scripted shows, with my dream goal being to create my own series one day.

I am welcome to any constructive feedback left on my videos, but please be aware that many of these projects were for classes or clients at our school. All of them were worked on by multiple people and my roles will be listed in the descriptions.

Most of all -- please enjoy my work! You will be seeing more of it in the future.


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