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I studied Media and my major was television broadcasting. My first production and my first experience as a filmmaker was my graduation project. Since then, I have been growing a great interest in Filmmaking and my main passion is Documentary Filmmaking, especially that it is neglected in Egypt and mostly taken as "the boring kind of movies" ...I want to prove the opposite.

Currently; I work as a copywriter in an advertising agency, but I am trying to develop my filmmaking skills through practising and watching, and hopefully I might find a good opportunity to study it professionally. My dream is building a "Documentary film" production house!

I believe that documentary (or reality) films could convey humanitarian messages that help us develop, understand each other and discover how reality could hold so much beauty and so much cruelty!

There is a lot to see and more to know, all we got to do is to show this reality HONESTLY and CREATIVELY :)

Finally, thanks to my family and my close friends who always encourage me and guide me through their support and experiences, I wouldn't have been here without them :)

Enjoy :)


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