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  1. Pol Turrents (AEC)

    Pol Turrents (AEC) Barcelona


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    Director of Photography (AEC) Based in Barcelona-Spain I've did the cinematography of 5 movies: -Negro Buenos Aires -Serie B -Amor col.lateral -Desclassificats -Xtrems (nominee at the Gaudí awards for best cinematography) Dozens of music promos for big names of the spanish music:…

  2. Claire Thomas

    Claire Thomas Plus Los Angeles


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    I'm the host of Food for Thought with Claire Thomas airing on ABC every weekend, a commercial director, food writer, photographer and all round nerd living in LA. For commercial inquiries and to view my reel, please contact Darren Foldes at Green Dot Films. www.greendotfilms.com Follow me…

  3. LeGoNtE



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    C I N E

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