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My name is Alan Harrison. I have been creative all of my life. In the last twenty five years, I have taken my creativity into the digital realm and haven’t looked back. I have worked in television, film and games and thoroughly enjoy the creative collaborative environment. My roles as a Creative Director, Department Head, Senior Instructor, Senior Animator, Technical Art Director, Lighting Artist and Senior Visual Effects 3D lead have all propelled my career in many diverse directions.

I started off my career as a CG generalist with small companies designing, modeling, texturing, animating, rigging, shading, lighting and rendering and have been fortunate to work with industry leaders such as Electronic Arts, Mainframe and Rainmaker Digital Pictures (now Method Studios).

As a Technical Art Director at EAC I was involved in solving many complex problems using very creative solutions and deploying these skills: Realtime cloth, facial animation, facial mo-cap and rigging, High Dynamic Range lighting, light painting, cinematics and vfx prototyping.

My recent roles include Senior CG Artist at Encore Vancouver and Senior Visual Effects 3D lead on the prime time television series Arctic Air. With my team of 3D artists, we model, texture, animate, light and render 3D objects and integrate them over background plates and completely digital environments.

I love using all the digital tools to bring something unique to each production.

Having recently wrapped Arctic Air, I look forward to new opportunities.

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