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Alba G. Corral (Madrid, 1977), based in Barcelona‚uses code to create visual tools in real time, giving life to abstract digital landscape. She creates visual programming, generative art and live performances on LIVE CINEMA context and is linked to the teaching of visual code. Alba is also one of the organizers of the festival Femelek, which aims to encourage and promote the development of women in the world of creation and new technologies. Her work creates narratives that express sensitivity and taste for color. Improvisation in different realms such as digital sound and language become organic, abstract feelings, that take shape through programming code. She usually plays visuals with Stendhal Syndrome and Nikka (With the project The Space in Between). She also has collaborated with musicians of the Barcelona scene such as Miguel Marin (Arbol), Fibla, Iris Aneas, and the international scene such as Jon Hopkins, Lorn. She has performed at the Sonar Festival, Primavera Sound, LEV, etc..

visualiza la música del grupo Stendhal Syndrome
junto con Nikka tiene el proyecto audiovisual The Space in Between

Forma parte de la Asociación de Artistas Visuales de Cataluyna

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