Preparing mugi-urushi consolidant for treatment of crack to right of internal cartouche.

1. Filtering urushi to remove impurities.

2. Blending the urushi with a paste made of Japanese wheat (mugi) flour mixed with water.

3. Spreading out the mugi-urushi to start the hardening process.

4. Mugi-urushi darkening as it is repeatedly spread out and begins to harden.

5. Inspecting the crack with a spatula to identify areas of lifting lacquer.

6. Transferring the mugi-urushi into a porcelain cup.

7. Diluting the mugi-urushi with a solvent.

8. Filling a plastic pipette with the diluted mugi-urushi.

9. Fitting a fine nozzle to the pipette.

10. Inspecting the crack and deciding on the positions of the pressure pads to be used after applying the diluted mugi-urushi.

11. Injecting the diluted mugi-urushi from the top of the crack downwards.

12. Wiping away excess mugi-urushi with a solvent and a cloth.

13. Fitting and securing a wooden bracing frame.

14. Preparing pads of acrylic and silicon sheet wrapped in cling-film.

15. Placing the pads over the areas where lifting lacquer has been identified and bracing them into position with flexible bamboo rods.

16. Adjusting the length of a bamboo rod.


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