This film documents the 2009 California Market Squid Run that took place off the coast of La Jolla. This year was a little unusual in that few squid laid their eggs in the head of La Jolla Canyon; the majority of the spawning activity took place outside of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.

With my dive buddy, Mike Sanderson, and members of the Dive Animals and Bottom Bunch scuba clubs, fifteen dives were undertaken over a period of six weeks.

Towards the end of the filming a local San Diego company, SeaBotix, joined us with one of their very cool mini-ROV’s to help us explore deeper into La Jolla Canyon. The featured ROV footage has text either at the top or bottom of the video image.

Considerable advice was obtained from, and results of this project were made available to, squid researchers at both UCSD and UCLA.


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