Echo Room questions the relationship between movement, physiology and psychological structures.
Three simultaneous perceptions of a dance duet.
Three separate visual and musical spaces in one location (stage version or site specific version)
Two dancers equipped with physiological sensors: muscular tension, breathing, and heartbeat.
A space for the live dance.
A second space: the physiological states of the dancers are directly translated into sound and video light.
A third space: images of the dancers are perceived in another real-symbolic-past-future space/time dimension.

In the site specific version the audience is invited to circulate in three separate spaces, inside of a given location. In the stage version the audience can experience the three spaces simultaneously either in the house or around the dancers on the stage itself as images and sound are projected on screens suspended on stage and on the walls of the house.

Dancers: Benjamin-Aliot Pagès, Yuko Yamada
Music composer: David Fieffé
Video artist: Guillaume Bautista
Sensors engineering: Julien Marro-Dauzat
Computer programming: Théo de Lahogue
Concept: Anne Holst
Artistic and choreographic directorship: Anne Holst, Jean-Marc Matos

As part of CorpusMedia 2009, euro regional platform ”Digital Performance” and the “Pôle Art-Science-Danse” 2010.

Residency at the National Center for Live Performance Writings, La Chartreuse of Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon, 17-23 April 2010.
Maison Salvan Art et Science, Labège, 19 november 2010
Center for Digital Creation, Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, 15 November 2009
Festival Empreintes Numériques, 29 April 200
“Art Gallery” version Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse
Maison Salvan Art et Science, Labège, work in progress, december 2008 (as part of the CorpusMedia 2008 event)

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