Wikitopia::Panel Discussion 3
Free for All - Issues and challenges of creating business models that foster creativity and innovation
by Henry Oh
September 19, 2010
HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College

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Currently, technological innovation often happens without thought for the social impact of these new technologies on society. Too often, the end result are antiquated or ill-suited business models grafted on to these new technologies that often stifle creativity, innovation or violate the civil liberties of the users of these new technologies. What is needed are innovative business models that couple new technologies with ethical and socially responsible business practices that create a positive social impact while also generating profit needed to sustain a company. This talk will focus on the first-hand experiences and challenges Henry and his co-founders at Socialutions have faced in trying to create a platform, CreationMix, that utilizes and promotes Creative Commons and also gives content creators a platform to make money from their work (while also generating revenue for CreationMix).


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