"Intense...Powerful Drama."
- Steven Lebowitz, West Palm Beach and Miami Movie Examiner

"A taut and moving story with contemporary resonance. Finely acted and directed."
- Joe Conway / Screenwriter, Undertow (MGM/UA)

"One shivers in the coldness of what is unfolding."
- Bob Jimenez, Peabody award winning documentary filmmaker for Latino Weekly Review

"Land ain't for pussies and neither is war."
- Drexler

Is it greed or ignorance that makes a man lust for land? Set during the Great Depression, this riveting drama draws parallels to today's housing & real estate crisis. And dares you to ask the question, who is really at fault?

THE FARM, set against the snow-capped mountains of Utah is the story of four men caught in the web of progress, greed and humanity during the 1930’s Great Depression.

Sam Shoemaker (Justin Scot, Ugly Betty and The Forgotten), a poor farmer trying to cultivate barren fruitless land, has come up empty handed and in debt to the local town banker, Mr. Drexler (Garrett M. Brown, Big Love, Uncle Buck and Kick Ass). With no source of income and the bank leaning to push him off his property, Sam finds himself at the end of a very short rope.

Drexler, along with his son Jerusha (Dave Matos) and The Hoarse Man (Jasen Wade) drag Sam to a desolate piece of his property to teach him a lesson he will soon not forget; but as the true colors of these men are discovered, all becomes unraveled and hell breaks loose.

Director: Jon Hill, Cinematographer: Nino Neuboeck, Editor: Mako Kamitsuna, Composer: Todd Kasow (aka Music Editor - Coen Bros.' TRUE GRIT), Writer: Justin Scot

thefarmmovie.com or thefarm-movie.com

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