What Makes the Great Commission Great?
Dave Harvey
Matthew 28:16-20
April 8, 2009
Pastors Conference; Gaithersburg, MD

Message outline:

Introduction [0:09]

Five reasons the Great Commission is great:

1. Our commission is great because it starts with the finished work of Jesus Christ. [9:07]

2. Our commission is great because it extends to the church. [14:30]

3. Our commission is great because Christ provides the strategy:

Strategy 1: Planting local churches [20:15]

Strategy 2: Sending apostolic ministry [26:08]

“Does Sovereign Grace Ministries want to play a part in reaching unreached people groups?” [31:48]

Three lessons learned from our international ministry experiences: [32:46]

Lesson 1: The strategy of relocating westerners to non-western countries seems to have more weaknesses than strengths. [33:18]

Lesson 2: The strategy of investing in indigenous leaders seems to be working. [35:00]

Lesson 3: The Pastors College strategy seems to be working for expansion. [37:25]

4. Our commission is great because we can all participate. [39:40]

5. Our commission is great because it comes with the promise of God’s enduring presence. [54:00]

Conclusion [57:15]

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