An experiment in light and shadow for the DX Arts Digital Experimental Video class, 2010-2011.

"Create a 90 second, in-camera edited, silent B/W experimental study of 'light and shadow.' Must feature an experimental optical in-camera effect such as camera obscura, split-screen using mirrors, glass mattes, etc. Opening or Ending titled cards should be included as well."

Concept: After playing with some ideas with using 2 LCD screens of 2 iPhones, as a dialogue between to "lightening bugs," I finally decided due to time constraints and materials that I would examine how one light source, an LCD screen, traverses different spaces and illuminates them, creating a sense of movement even in a static scene. There are some very science fiction-inspired tones I was going for, especially the short sequences of chrome textures, and the sense of foreboding one gets from seeing an unseen glow through a corridor. My only regret is that in playing with the in and out of the light source, many sequences ended up with too short of screen time, not giving enough time to explore the textures. It was fun playing with the light, though, and the arrangement of cardboard boxes.


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