Vídeo de lançamento do single Lodge, a primeira música própria da banda Second Hand, de Porto Alegre.

Lodge (Second Hand)

My friend shown me a place
Where our host is an old sea-wolf
And his wife asks us to clean the house
Because the trash makes her sad

You can´t realize it
Before you see it for yourself
The beauty of the sun shining
While the waves break through the beach

Like that day when we went to the otherside
And there was a king lion's tree, where

The sun seems bigger
The sea looks brighter
The wind blows softer
Our heads fly higher

Any chord sounds better there
When the guitar sings the time (tic-tac) stops
And the problems are left behind
No boring thoughts, no bad intentions

It´s on the north side
But whoever passes by and don´t know where to look it for
Will never find the missing spot
That makes all the difference

But when you find that missing spot
Would you come and sing with us?

It's a place to feel
A place to see
It's a place for a few
A place to be

When night falls down
There's no one left around
You are alone
No signal on your phone

Wish you could stay
So many things to say
Why don't we go
Somewhere only we know
So we can dance along


The beer is cold and you are high
Your ipod's pumping up Sublime

The beer is cold and you are high
Your ipod's pumping up Second Hand Sublime

Letra: Lee
Musica: Lee, Birds, Fava, Cristiano, Pedrinho e Renan
Mixagem: Edo Portugal (Loop Reclame)

Imagens da gravação do single na Loop Reclame e no estúdio Soma, do show de abertura do Sublime With Rome em POA, do Sublime Day 2011 no Live Sport Pub e de um ensaio no estúdio Live.

Imagens: Paulo Bergallo (Pirlo), Samuel Barreto (Samuca), Kento Kojima e Bruno Nerva (Lee).
Edição: Bruno Nerva

Apoio: Baldhead Cervejas Especiais

j vimeo.com/25743753

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