‘Three Fates’ recently won a Gold ACS Australian Cinematography Society Award for my long time collaborator Danny Ruhlmann ACS.
Lead actress, Taren Cunningham, who plays all three roles in ‘Three Fates’ has won a featured role with David Fincher’s new Film “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’s” as the young Tilda Swinton (Swimming)

David Fincher cast her specifically on the strength of her performance in “Three Fates”.

The concept for The Three Fates developed from musings on woman’s place in contemporary Western society. What has happened to the GODDESS? In fact, what has happened to facial structure and body hair? I wanted to construct an image of beauty that has lived. Create an evolution of the Goddess from purity and newness, to strength and ripeness and lastly to a fully empowered wisdom.

Traditionally, the triple Goddess - maiden+mother+crone - was worshipped for her awe-inspiring transformative powers. The three-fold goddess represents in a cyclic pattern, the fertility that brings forth all life. Everything that develops has a decline. There can be no dawn without dusk, no spring without autumn, no birth without death. She is creator and destroyer.

“... As Goddess of the Underworld she was concerned with Birth, Procreation, and Death. As Goddess of the Earth she was concerned with the three seasons of Spring (MAIDEN), Summer (MOTHER) and Winter (CRONE): She animated trees and plants and ruled all living creatures. As Goddess of the Sky she was the Moon, in her three phases of New Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon …. As the New Moon or Spring she was girl; as the Full Moon or Summer she was woman; as the Old Moon or Winter she was hag”.

Conventional Western society accolades youthful beauty. Young girls stare submissively from the pages of magazines prepped for sex. The sexuality is mechanically styled and (prematurely) activated around them. There is a promise, in that glossy lip and fuck off heel, of the chance to corrupt the pure, the infantile.

Why are these models, surreal underage mannequins, the prevailing, culturally endorsed representation of woman at her highest form of attractiveness? I wanted to challenge the perpetuation of this myth, question the juvenilisation of feminity and honour WOMAN in all her wisdom and raw glory. Query the widespread neutering of the Goddess.

j vimeo.com/19912645

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