This is the latest multi-touch installation by SenseBloom. It’s located in the campus bar at the Computer Science Department of Coimbra University, Portugal.
Created with the intent of letting students and the research community explore new concepts in HCI by designing and creating applications for course projects or just for fun.

In terms of hardware, the display has an area of 2.8m x 1.05m and it consists of 2 XGA ultra short-throw projectors amounting to a total resolution of 2048x768. For the multitouch sensing, this is an LLP setup using 8 infrared lasers, 2 PS3 Eye cameras and a custom compiled version of the excellent CCV tracker, giving us a touch resolution of 1280x480. Also added to the SenseWall are 2 cameras above the display for computer vision applications, a microphone for sound input, speakers for sound output and an RFID reader.

Recorded during our latest multitouch workshop in Coimbra. Demo time at the SenseWall ;)

More photos:

Soundtrack: Peace Orchestra - Marakesh


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