Official music video of Trujillo's debut album Daltonic Now!

Malevich might be be writhing in his grave. Poor thing. The guys from Bauhaus too. And surely some master of abstract art or another. We have plundered infamously in their imagery to create a piece -like almost everything we've done lately- almost by chance. Without other purpose than to make useful the endless act of creating images -an almost obscene act in this instagramized world-, of dusting the infinite collection of references and of finishing at least one of the hundreds of unfinished projects that fill up our hard drive, we worked making sense of an absurd combination by its own mean: a high-speed train, an iPhone4, some geometric figures, a daltonic musician and a song. We are very sorry, Vasarely, we tried our best.

Lyrics: Andrés Sosa. Music: Andrés Astorga. Record Company: Altamira Artists Publishing


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