Director: John Loftus,

Choreographer: Trish Murphy

Marketing: Luke Abbot

Band Members:
Mark White, Tom Stapleton, Alan Aylward, Colin Hoye, Hazel Downes, Mark Graham

I Said Posse is the 10th brand new music video from King Kong Company this year .

Band: King Kong Company:
King Kong Company were one of the finest bands to ever grace a stage in Waterford. Between 1996 and 2001 the six piece band packed in a string of unforgettable gigs all over the country. They shared a stage with Orbital and Underworld at Homelands, rang in the Millenium to 30,000 people on the Quay's in Waterford and sold out just about every performance they ever made in their hometown.

The band were a 'dance' act, but with trumpets, vocals, percussion, keyboards, guitar and bass they appealed to a much wider audience. Their sound had a wealth of influences from reggae and ska to dub and even drum n'bass. Such a broad musical palette was down to the unusual mix of members who formed the band while studying music and graphic design in WIT. When King Kong Company finished gigging, it's members went on to form other well known acts such as ska band Skunk and techno act Necksnapper and of course, Travis Bickle. Travis also began his dj-ing at King Kong Company gigs.

King Kong Company gigs were always something special, they didn't happen often, but when they did you knew tickets would be needed in advance. No use showing up on the night. Not many acts can ever lay claim to selling out a weekend of gigs in Garter Lane or to having such an impact on the lives of those who caught them all those years ago. The impact was so profound, that even a decade later the words Dr. Whom bring memories of it's legendary intro running through your mind.

In 2010 the idea of doing a gig came up. Not wanting to do things by half, the band decided to put a whole new set together. Not wanting to bore the arse off people with tracks they didn't know, or be wa*kers and say they weren't playing the old stuff, they set about releasing all the tracks with music videos. One per month, from February 2011 to January 2012.

Set Design: Mark White & Tom Stapleton


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