Bulgarian poetry - author Maria Vergiva
Music - Chris Spheeris "Remember me"


In sleepy stupor stills city.
Shadows in the dark chase.
Night streets muffled silence,
and the rain whisper crumble.
With voice sounds distant saxophone
and crying around me darkness.
Flies in the lonely moan
ran away in the wind.
Whether you're listening to the rain?
I know how much you love
droplets night sadness
the windows without noise to flow.
And if you whisper now
all the words of my unspoken,
spoiled my dream
impossible , remote ...
Or maybe quietly without voice
their run without a trace scattered,
as the days surround us in
Every memory with shroud of oblivion.
Slides morning beam of light,
in storm windows look around.
Let me be your sunny day
and unfulfilled because my tenderness ...

Editing & Production by MaggyGreen

j vimeo.com/73127539

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