Basic physics tells us, without any doubt, that hauling exerts a force on the rod tip:
When hauling we accelerate the line, and the line's inertia resists to that acceleration applying a force to the rod tip. Obviously that force must have some effect on rod load, an effect that will be a balance between the force exerted by the line on the rod and the force from the rod resisting that force from the line.

The most obvious effect we can get is with a static rod, as shown here:

Hauling at the end of the casting stroke is a different thing because then the rod opposes more resistance to bending. However even in this case we get some load due to hauling in the form of a delayed unloading.

- Hauling starts at 00:13
- Maximum haul acceleration is at 00:22
- Each cross is drawn at intervals of 4 frames.


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