"Smile." (film)
8 min • USA • Experimental • S16mm
Written & Directed by Adnan X. Khan

Filmed in a single continuous shot, Smile. is an experiment in Brechtian theatre, baroque art and existential ennui. It is the strange case of a man, a photo booth and infinite secrets. iwillnotsmile.com

* To achieve the vintage “Polaroid” look, SMILE. was filmed on 16mm Kodak color reversal stock which was developed using E-6 process, and then digitally scanned on a 2K Spirit DataCine. Aside from a "one-light" color grading in telecine, no other digital processes were used.

* Deceptively simple, all effects were accomplished inside the camera using “analog” filmmaking techniques: rare 1960s Sylvania flashbulbs were triggered to create the bright flashes, and part of an actual size photo booth was constructed for the actor.

* The entire film consists of a single continuous shot lasting approximately 8 minutes—this was made possible after a long period of rehearsals with actor Justin Michael Terry who was asked by the director to prepare for the role as if it were “for theatre.”

Line Producer: Germán Izquierdo Valero, Enrique Latapí Silva / Cinematographer: Adnan X. Khan
Sound Designer: Daniel Raphael / Rerecording Mixer: Ben Wilkins, Daniel Raphael / Music by Arash S. Majd
Starring Justin Michael Terry as David

Super 16mm Kodak color reversal film (7285)
ARRI SR3, Zeiss Superspeed T1.3
2K scan on a Spirit DataCine


j vimeo.com/59209939

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