After I saw that someone posted a C4D bubbles setup, I got curious to try it myself. I sort of ran out of time and I wouldn't say I'm happy with the last collision > combine setup I did. I might go back sometimes later and tighten it up.

The entire think is run by vertices to particles, forces, and joints. I posted the main collision/joint setup. I think if I had to do this again I could make it a lot more graceful; but I think that's how most things like this go. It's basically saying that on the particle collisions create 4 joints to the other. For the third(TP setup pictured) I told it that after something like 25 total joints, move the particles into the "Death Group" and then kill them and increase the size of the bigger particle. What's nice is that using the vertices to particles is inherently springy so getting that bouncy look almost comes by default.

I think if I made the teapots 1 single mesh (they are broken by default) it would've worked, but the result was good enough to illustrate the point - which was using oddly shaped objects.


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