(...) Amanda Palmer wanted to cover Brel. Brel is tricky, and dangerous. It’s not anyone, or anything. Especially 'Amsterdam'. She wanted to start in front of a sex-shop, but a camera in front of a sex-shop isn’t the greatest thing, so we were called names 3 or 4 times before being discreet enought to start shooting Amanda singing. And it was what you call a slap in the face, I think one must have been there to understand why, at the end, we all had tears in our eyes and were all awkwardly quiet, fearing we would break that immaterial ’something’ the song created. Brel is tricky but Palmer was there, in Amsterdam, for 5 minutes, with sailors, and whores, and the smell of beer.


Filmed by Nat
Sound by Nora and Ed

j vimeo.com/2998859

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