In July 2011 a group of strangers who soon became friends got together to build a cheap alternative dwelling.
This was our first Earth Bag Build.
The issue of affordable housing has lead to an increase in the experimentation of different building materials and alternative techniques such as Straw bale, Cob and earth.
Earth Bag Building is inexpensive, and relies largely on labor rather than expensive
and often environmentally-damaging outsourced materials. I went out to film the process, but soon found myself getting involved in the dome building.
This Dome was constructed by a group of people with little or no previous experience of proffesional building.
Some had built previous Earth Bag Buildings and we followed their guide. We were able to construct this Dome in 10 days working from
6 am until midday and then breaking for the hottest part of the day.
I hope you enjoy this documentary on our earth bag build from start to finish. If you would like any further
details or are interested in getting involved in another earth bag build please contact.
Elliot at


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