D.A. King of the Dustin Inman Society was our guest speaker this evening. We really appreciate the work that this American Patriot has done for the protection of the Rule of Law in America.
When you get through listening to this presentation you should be clear on why there is not need to pass comprehensive immigration reform at the national level. we need to re enforce the use of the laws passed in 1986 under the last illegal immigration bill and enforce the current immigration laws in our constitution. The fact the an oath of office has been taken by every elected official and every law enforcement official should be enough. If the oath were taken seriously. We wouldn't have 20 million illegal aliens in our nation. We would have zero. We have a legal path to come and work here and a legal path to citizenship. Farmers have guest worker visas they can bring millions of legal foreigners here to work the fields. After you listen to this write your congressman and tell them to stop illegal immigration, enforce the current laws, and get rid of protections of illegals by forcing states to pay for education, incarceration. and health care of illegals.
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