Displaying some of our spherical lenses and their visual characteristics.

Shot with Arri Alexa

Lens line up/shot specs (lenses in order of appearance) -
Zeiss Super Speed - UNCOATED 35mm - T2.8
Kowa Cine Pominar 32mm - T2.8
Zeiss Super Speed 35mm - T2.8
Canon K-35 35mm - T2.8
Zeiss Master Prime 35mm - T2.8
Cooke S4 35mm - T2.8
Leica Summilux-C 35mm - T2.8
Zeiss Ultra Prime 32mm - T2.8

Talent - Jakob A. Hill, Kristen Rozanski
Director/DP - T.S. Jensen
Music - Helios "Bless This Morning Year"

j vimeo.com/53043519

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