Hey heyy!!!!
I finally found the perfect place for my green screen set up!!! yaaaaaay :]
So I used it....it's pretty plain...no extravagant background or anythin'. I'm just starting to get used to it :P
If ya noticed the giraffe suit....it's a sweater...i think. I call it the giraffe suit :))))
It matched my pillow!!!....sortaaa :P

Meet maa three stuffed toys!!
Daisy thee white dog :P
Cookie the bear :]
Camel the...camel :P :)))

Thaanks to Sasha Evio (cousin) for helping me out....well not exactly...you just watched...and helped me with the pants :P...but I'll consider that as helping already. You were like...my creative director :P Giving me comments in whether what I was doing was boring, weird and all those other stuff :P

j vimeo.com/23631159

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