For an UPDATE on Boxwars, check out my video footage of Boxwars 17 on Boxing Day 2011 at Caulfield Park:

Boxwars is the embodiment of both art and destruction. A spark of imagination has become an enduring testament to enginuity and resourcefulness. It originally started in Melbourne but now the concept has taken chapters out in far away places such as Toronto, Canada and a UK group in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What is Boxwars? It's been described as a network of cardboard warriors who are engaged in an epic struggle for the liberty of corrugated creativity.... or it may not have a point at all. The cardboard is our paint, the blade our brush and the battlefield is our canvas. Welcome to, where you are the witness to THE BOXWARS REVOLUTION!!!

As part of the Boogie Festival held at Bruzzy's Farm, Tallarook over the Easter weekend, Boxwars is a regular feature of total mayhem, aggression and fun frolics while wrapped up in protective armour of cardboard.

For more information about Boxwars:

For more information about the Boogie Festival:


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