Concept/Photography/Edit: John Flury (
Assistant/BTS filming & edit: Shermin T(
Model: Daniela Brune
Make-up: Cynthia Fetz-Chaparro,
Hair: Mirgesa Dauti
Hand Models: Andrea V. Hubschmid, Erika Käslin
Music : Jonsi - Grow Till Tall

"How is it, that a monarch can maintain his power? It's either by building trust or, far more commonly, by fear. Fear instilled into the loyal subjects that their lives are in danger if they don't fulfil their duty to the man or woman in power. It seems absurd but their duty is mostly to protect the person who instills this fear, the person who manipulates and subjugates them. Looking at it from a distance, it becomes apparent that it's all a big house of cards. If one card falls, the rest will surely crumble as well."


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