Hey there! I'm a recent graduate from NCCA Bournemouth in Computer Animation & Visualizations and this is an insight on the work I've produced in my final year of study.

1: EA Games Master Class Assignment - To create a car rig that could dynamically crumple at any impact angle to give nonlinear results ( Model by EA, Criterion Games )

2: AutoRigging tool - A MEL Based tool I developed to quickly automate the process of cartoon rigging including features such as follicle based bend, knee locking, stretching & space switching.

3: BFX Competition - This was a 6 week project battling against 10 other teams to produce an animated short from start to finish. In this 6 weeks I was in charge of producing all of the rigging seen within the short.

(Direction & Animation By Simone Giampaolo, Shading & Lighting by Wojtek Zankowski, Art Direction, Lighting & Textures by Alexandra Birchmore, Lead Modelling by Henrik Linnes, Pipeline tools & Effects by Tuomo Rinne )

( Video & Info at : youtube.com/watch?v=eWW7FdgLAw0 )

4: Snails - Final Major Project - Some Examples of dynamic jiggle to add weight to the character. Within this project I was also in charge of all lighting, rendering, rigging & compositing. ( Model by Jon Baker )

5: Mech Warrior - Personal Work - A mechanical rig that I setup for a friend at NCCA ( Model by Ross Hildick)

6: C++ Maya API Tool - Innovations Project -A Project in order to help me learn some of the basics of Maya API and also ease the process of creating hair friendly curves

MUSIC : C2C - Down the road

j vimeo.com/72617561

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