Conference Ramón Grosfoguel in the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart.
«Acts of voicing on the Poetics and Politics of the Voice».
«Arquitectura de las transferencias, la Hybris del punto Cero».

The Historical Formation of the Coloniality of Knowledge and its Implications for the Modern/Colonial World
This presentation will be focused on the historical formation of racism in the modern world and its implications for knowledge production. "Western" hegemonic notions of Universalism and its fallacies led the West to questionable relations with the Rest. The correlation between coloniality of power and epistemic coloniality let to the practical correlation between genocide and epistemicide. The consequences of this history to the present structures of the global system we inhabit will be addressed in detail. One of the global structures of power that will be addressed is the Westernized University with its epistemic foundation on epistemic racism/sexism.


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