Jonah and the Shark, a poem written by Annie Ferguson, and turned into a cinépoem. This is part of a series of social justice related poetry under the Media Works program at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Written, shot, recorded, and edited by Annie Ferguson.

“Body Found In Belly of Shark”
Tuesday, September 10th, 2010.
This wasn’t headline news.
Photos came with warning:
‘Extremely graphic’
A bulging gray stomach sack,
A gaping hole with human remains
partially decomposed and digested,
strewn out on a boardwalk in Florida.
There was no head.

(Where did it go?)

The Bible tells of man named Jonah
who disobeyed God’s word and sailed
off to sea. God didn’t like this, and so
called on a whale to swallow Jonah whole.
Inside, Jonah repented and praised God
if only for the sake of his life, stating that,
"Salvation comes from the Lord.”
This pleased God. He commanded the whale,
and it vomited the reluctant profit onto dry land.
This time Jonah obeyed God’s word.

(What if he hadn't?)

I wonder if the person found in the belly
of the shark also ran away from God.
I wonder if they asked God for forgiveness,
and why God hadn’t listened.

(Who will be saved?)


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