Disease attacks body and mind. El Alma (The Soul) is not infected, but transformed...
Mikel is a 34 years old man who got Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Along with his wife Rosana and their daughter Anne, they show us enjoy the little things in life.
They face ALS with fortitude and courage. Together with the palliative care professionals, they manage to channel the difficult situation they are in, but the most important thing lies in El Alma (The Soul)...
A positive story that puts in the limelight what is really important in life.
Does someone have to face illness to realise it?



Goya Awards 2012 finalist for best short documentary XXVI

First Prize Award CICUS IV-Sevilla European Film Festival,
RTVA first prize for best documentary at the Disability Film Festival of Malaga
Santurtzi Awards 2012


International Festival Ecológico de Lecce (Italia).
Soloparacortos Festival 2012
V International Film Festival Under the Moon - Islantilla Cineforum
Festivals, Panorama 37 Andalusian Festival Iberoamericano de Huelva
XVI Zaragoza Film Festival

Director and writer: Jose Javier Perez
Visual and Creative Director: Michael M. Valiente
Executive Producer and Production Manager: Charles Alderman
Ayte. Director: José Escudier and Victor Jose Ontanilla
Edition: Victor Ontanilla
Post-production: Daniel Brylka
Music: Pablo Cervantes
Cameras: Jose Jose Javier, Perez Escudier
Underwater camera: Antonio Marquez (AZUL Videoproducciones)
Post-Production Sound: Jose Antonio Manovel
Sound: Juan Jose Mulero, Miguel Ramirez
Scientific advice: Marigros Prieto and Francisco Javier Castro
Lighting: Francisco Muniz
Financial Economic Advisor: Juan Sigüenza
Interview: Toni Murillo
Production Assistants: Almudena Sabido, Esteban Javier Romo
Graphics: Juan Antonio Muñoz, Juanma "oneman" Reyes

j vimeo.com/46310300

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