Capt. Mel Simpson:

“A few years ago I started playing with the idea of a fly that had a broader profile than the keys style flies, with lots of movement, and was light enough to stay high in the water plane. With the Whiting hen neck capes, marabou, the Mustad C68SZ stainless hook and a minimum of flash, I had a fly that the very first tarpon jumped on, and has proved to extremely effective ever since.”

The materials are:
Thread: Danville 6/0
Tail: Bucktail
Wings: 1 pair solid color and 1 pair grizzly Whiting hen cape feathers
Flash: EP Anadromus brush
1 st collar: 3 palmered wraps of marabou
2 nd collar: Finnish Coon
Buzz head: Chenille
Final head: Coated with epoxy

Capt. Mel’s TIPS:

*The 6/0 thread is small so I can control the size by minimizing the thread build up.

*The bucktail acts like a wing guard, so it won’t wrap around the hook.

*I dye the wings to get a more subtle color,

*The marabou can be plain or barred

*I leave all the under fur in the Finn Coon

*The buzz head is for visibility (from a guides point of view).


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