The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge was a competition that Silverfox developed for our client element14. 28 hackerspaces from around the globe were engaged in a friendly competition to create, hack and/or mod something that will have a positive impact on education. To maximize the creative range of thinking in the competition, the definition of "positive impact on education" was left entirely up to each competing space. The only regulations were that each team use a microcontroller and a portable power supply in their creation. element14 also provided each team with an additional $900 stipend to fund additional parts and materials.

At the conclusion of a 2-month build phase, our esteemed panel of judges - including Mitch Altman, Ben Heck, and Jeri Elsworth Windell Oskay (Evil Mad Scientist Guy) and Bunny Dawson (Napa School Board) - evaluated each of the 28 creations and 3 semi-finalists were selected.

One representative from each of the 3 semi-finalist teams was flown to Maker Faire San Mateo, where they presented their creations live to the panel of judges, in the hopes of winning the grand prize (which includes bragging rights, a hand-made trophy, a Tektronix PWS4205 Power Supply, and some other way cool prizes). The final presentations took place on Sunday, May 22 at the element14 booth at Maker Faire San Mateo.


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