A debate can be defined as an argument with rules. Students who have trouble regulating anger may not be the first candidates in mind for a debate team...or are they?

With the establishment of District wide debates Cara Coffina, District 75 Debate Coordinator, found a way to funnel all that emotional 'fire' into an academic passion. Using teleconferencing technology students engaged in debates with teams based in locations throughout New York City. They learned the protocol and etiquette of debates; as well as engaging in research to support their arguments.

Student debaters argued their points in on line competitions, with many 'opponents', before meeting up in the brick and mortar world for the championship debate. This video shows how the technology helped emotionally troubled students conquer fear, impulsiveness, and academic rigor.

For more information:

Susan Abdulezer
Video Producer
District 75 NYC Department of Education

j vimeo.com/26679815

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